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Why is sparkling water so big right now

Published :  April 5, 18

Why is sparkling water so big right now?


In the last five years, sales of sparkling water have gone up by 42 percent, with Americans now drinking almost 170 million gallons each year.1  The seemingly sudden popularity might be surprising, but there are good reasons for the rise of sparkling water.


People Are Looking for a Healthier Sip

Since many sparkling waters don’t have much, if any, added sugar or artificial ingredients, they have found their niche with consumers who enjoy the fizziness of carbonated soft drinks, but want to sip on something without calories, sweeteners, or artificial ingredients. And this is a sizeable portion of the public. 66 Percent of consumers believe all food and beverage categories should be made as good for you as possible, and 74 percent say that making healthy food and beverage choices is a priority.2 

Younger Consumers Want All the Good Things

Not surprisingly, most of the dedicated sparkling water drinkers are younger, skewing toward Millennials and Gen Z. 3  The Los Angeles Times even stated, “Sparkling water is still the hottest beverage among millennials.” 4  These consumers have grown up with an incredible variety of healthy and flavorful food options, and they expect similar choices from their beverages.

Serve a Sparkling Water That’s All Smiles™

bubly™ is a new take on sparkling water that combines refreshing and delicious flavors with an upbeat and playful sense of humor, perfectly suited to help you answer to the growing demand for flavored sparkling water. 59 percent of consumers say they are more likely to purchase beverages with an “all natural” descriptor,5  and with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or calories, bubly sparkling water is a bright, fun way to draw in Millennials, Gen Zers, and others looking for a drink that’s all smiles.


Sparkling water consumption is showing no signs of slowing down soon. By providing an option that hits on all the positives consumers want in a fizzy beverage, with no calories or artificial sweeteners, your business can grow right along with their love of sparkling water.

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