2021 Flavor Trends

Published :  April 29, 2021

W e’re seeing consumers become ever more adventurous in their beverage preferences as we move out of 2020 and into 2021. This can be great for your operation, as it helps you differentiate what you can offer vs. what others are serving or even what consumers can find at home. The more unique and on trend your offering, the more you’ll stand out and the more consumers will seek your beverage menu out.

One exciting new trend is the skew toward more globally inspired flavors. “Not only are more consumers purchasing global beverages, but consumers are doing so more often than two years ago.”1 This is a great opportunity to offer something new or to look at your beverage offering and find a way to add a global flavor like tangerine, coconut, or mango to something you already offer. “Consumers aren’t traveling as much right now, but they can use global flavors to ‘travel’ without leaving their home.”2

Of course, with 2020 being the difficult year that it was, consumers are also looking for something familiar and comforting. “Other trending beverage flavors that may gain traction in 2021 are those that tingle or provide comfort. Flavors may provide a soothing constant to people within the current social and political climate.”3

As many are still dealing with extreme challenges in their daily life, it’s important not only as a business, but as a member of the community to help provide the simple comforts and flavors that can help bring a smile to consumers faces.



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