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S'mores Treats with ROLD GOLD® Pretzels

Upgrade the ultimate gooey campfire treat with a touch of salt and crunch.
  • Servings:  1 serving
  • ROLD GOLD® Tiny Twists Pretzels 12 cups
  • Butter, unsalted 3 tbsp
  • Mini marshmallows 6 cups
  • Pretzel salt 1 tsp
  • Mini chocolate chips 1 1/4 cup
  • Mini marshmallows for topping 2 cups
S'mores Treats with ROLD GOLD® Pretzels decoration image
  1. Combine butter and marshmallows in a 6 quart sauce pan until totally melted and smooth like fluff.
  2. Cook marshmallows for 1 minute after they have completely melted.
  3. Add 12 cups pretzels and pretzel salt and stir gently with a rubber spatula over a very low flame. Gently press contents of pot into a well-greased half hotel pan lined with parchment and allow to set up.
  4. Before serving sprinkle evenly with chocolate chips and marshmallows for topping then toast gently under a broiler until marshmallows begin to turn golden.
  5. Allow to completely cool before cutting.