Beyond Thirst: The Hydration Lifestyle

Published :  April 3, 2024

Thirsty for new ways to drink water.

I n today’s world, water isn’t just necessary for hydration—it’s a lifestyle. US consumers are toting giant bottles filled to the brim with the ambition of reaping some of water’s life-giving benefits. To make water consumption more interesting, they're turning to fun flavors and other tasty enhancements, and operators can capitalize on this hydration movement by stacking up on their water selection.

The trendless benefits.

Water accounts for roughly 55-66% of an adult's body weight and is an essential nutrient.

Holistic health is at the forefront of US consumers' minds. Now more than ever they are considering diet, exercise, consumption of functional foods, and mental and emotional health—all of which rely on proper hydration. Water is not only essential for optimal health, but it is also an intrinsic contributor to beauty, mental clarity, athletic performance, and much, much more. Moral of the story, it’s important.

Did you know?

  • Water accounts for roughly 55-60% of an adult’s body weight and is an essential nutrient for every cell, muscle, and organ.
  • Optimal hydration can help with brain function, keeping skin supple, and supporting weight loss.2

We can all agree that sufficient water consumption is an integral part of sporting a healthy lifestyle, but what’s new to the conversation is how it’s served.

I’ll take my water with a side of cotton candy watermelon, please.

Lately water has gone beyond being just a necessity. It’s evolved into a platform for unique and exciting flavors to exist when hydrating—without all the calories and sugars that come with juices, sodas, teas and other beverages. For those who find plain water boring, popular flavor trends have served to make water consumption more entertaining.


#WaterTok has over 1.2 billion views

Platforms like TikTok have trends like #WaterTok, which promote amusing and fun ways to drink water. As of March 18th, 2024, #WaterTok had 1.2 billion views. #WaterTok videos often feature people filling large cups with ice and water, and then creating an elixir by adding different flavors in the pursuit of drinking more water throughout the day. Many #WaterTok influencers have setups akin to a bartender or barista, with racks of sugar-free syrup pumps and flavor packets lining up their kitchens. These hydration enthusiasts specialize in turning enormous tumblers of H20 into flavors like Peach Ring, Cotton Candy Watermelon, and Strawberry Shortcake.3 While the flavorings are typically zero-calorie and sugar-free, #WaterTok’s popularity and the vibrant color and sweetness of the drinks have caused people to wonder where to draw the line between water and juice. However, if the sugar substitutes in these flavorings are consumed in moderation, flavored water can be a great way to improve hydration.4

Stock your beverage fridge with flavor.

Various water bottles from Pepsi including Life WTR, bubly, Gatorade Water, and bubly burst

For operators looking to give their customers a more convenient way to make hydration delicious, PepsiCo has a variety of flavored sparkling water options in refreshing flavors. For consumers who want to hydrate but have heightened taste expectations, serve bubly™ burst—a sweetened sparkling water that has no added sugar, is low in calories, and delivers vitamins, antioxidants, and immune support making it the perfect choice for hydration-minded consumers looking for functional benefits in their beverages. For even more functional benefits, operators can opt for Propel Electrolyte Water, a vitamin-infused zero-calorie flavored water perfect for an active, fitness-minded consumer looking for tasty hydration. For a product packed with probiotics, offer KeVita® Probiotic Refreshers. Sparkling and packed with fruity effervescence, it’s a delicious pick-me-up filled with goodness.

Effective hydration isn’t a question.

For consumers searching less for fun flavors and more for an effective hydration, enhanced water comes in handy—perfect for those who are active and needing to replenish and recover. Check out these selections from the PepsiCo portfolio:

  • Gatorade® Water contains alkaline with a pH of 7.5 or higher and is electrolyte infused for great taste. Developed as a premium option for active people looking for an all-day hydration option, and it comes from the leader in sports fuel consumers know they can trust it.
  • LIFEWTR offers a perfectly balanced pH, electrolytes for pure a pure mouthfeel, and a 7-step filtration process which hydrates your whole body the way nature intended.
  • Proud Source Water boasts a naturally alkaline spring water bottled in infinitely recyclable aluminum cans that can elevate your water selection. It emphasizes sustainability and ethical production, offering a healthy and eco-conscious hydration option.

Serve up sweet, sweet hydration.

Water isn’t going away, and every day consumers are boasting higher expectations for their H20. With help from PepsiCo Partners, you can cater to all types of water preferences. Whether it’s the flavor lovers or the functional fiends, we offer all the options consumers crave to support healthy and great-tasting hydration.


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