Taking Sugar Concerns Down to Zero

Published :  July 29, 2022

Zero Ways to Satisfy Pepsi Cravings

Crisp, bubbly, and refreshing, Pepsi has offered a delicious refreshment option for decades. With consumers focusing more on sugar reduction, weight management, and calorie control due to the rising concern around obesity and diabetes,1 Pepsi Zero Sugar offers a new solution with the same Pepsi taste so many people know and love.

Keeping the Famous Pepsi Flavor

Decades ago, the famous Pepsi Challenge ads revealed that consumers prefer the taste of Pepsi over other colas. Today, Pepsi is one of the most talked-about brands on social media,2 and at the start of 2022, the food editors of Taste of Home magazine conducted their own blind taste test to find that Pepsi won out over other beverages due to its unique “citrusy tang” and “crisp and delicious” taste.3 With the demand for lower sugar options that taste just like the original, we’re proud to offer Pepsi Zero Sugar, Pepsi Zero Sugar Mango, and Pepsi Zero Sugar Wild Cherry.

Adding Zero to the Menu

The instance of “sugar free” options is growing on menus, especially within the fast casual category with a 70% increase category over the past year. With convenient on-the-go cans and bottles offering full Pepsi taste with zero sugar, the Pepsi Zero Sugar lineup gives consumers a great reason to say, “yes” to their favorite soft drink. For beverages with a little extra, Pepsi Zero Sugar, Mango, and Wild Cherry flavors make delicious foundations for your own creative mocktails and cocktails—all with the appeal of zero sugar.

Zero Sugar and More

Zero sugar is one benefit of choosing Pepsi Zero Sugar, but even better is the health perk that comes along with its infusion of ginseng. With ginseng benefits like enhanced brain function, energy support, and immune-boosting properties, drinks featuring this ingredient are gaining popularity within the functional beverage trend, especially with fitness-driven youth.1

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