Upscale Means Opportunity

Published :  November 30, 2021

Upscale means opportunity

I n light of all that’s happened in the world over the past couple of years, it only makes sense that consumers are eager to treat themselves to a bit of affordable luxury when dining out. One great way to offer a memorable experience is through premium, upscale beverages—particularly given all the alluring consumption occasions they offer.

Quality over quantity—the order of the day

to Datassential, 35% of consumers choose foodservice because they want to try something new and exciting.1 This could start with something as simple as a coconut water upgrade vs. a standard glass of tap water. Or, it could be an opportunity for you to bundle a beverage that’s authentic to the particular cuisine you’re serving (think Viva Sol Aguas Frescas as the perfect complement to your Mexican dishes).

Cash in on the craft craze

As a walk down almost any grocery beer aisle will confirm, consumers love craft. And nowadays they’re seeking out nonalcoholic beverages to quench their thirst for bold and unique flavors as well. In fact, dispensed craft carbonated beverages are projected to grow by 8.2% over the next few years.2

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks offer this upscale appeal with everything from ginger beer to craft sodas. And Stubborn Soda offerings are great for upping the craft ante as well, with flavors such as Black Cherry with Tarragon, Orange Hibiscus and Lemon Berry Acai.

Drinkable desserts

Sometimes cashing in on the premium beverage craze is as much about the occasion as it is the product. For example, promoting premium beverages as drinkable desserts can appeal to consumers who want to treat themselves with something a bit lighter than a bowl of ice cream or slice of cheesecake. Starbucks® Frappuccino® beverages fit the bit with the perfect balance of indulgence and easy portability.

Think premium to power profits

However you decide to serve up premium beverages, catering to your customers desires for bold flavors and unique experiences can help add incremental sales and increase your profit margins.

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