Holiday Indulgence

Published :  November 30, 2023

Feeling the Joy of Holiday Indulgence

I t’s the most indulgent time of the year, and finding balance is what a lot of people want for the holidays.

In one survey, more than 90% of people said they tend to gain weight in the festive months. In the same survey, about 80% of participants said that staying fit during the holidays is important to them.1 This illustrates the fact that many of us struggle with the desire to make good choices even when faced with an increase in seasonal temptations like rich foods, sugary treats, and cocktails.

Given that people are looking for both indulgence and responsible options throughout the holidays, it’s a good time to assess your menu to see how you can cater to multiple moods and health goals.

The Balance Spectrum

Of course, indulgence (and balance) looks different to everyone. Some people may attempt to find balance by going all out for the holidays with the plan to reset in the New Year. In less extreme circumstances, some may plan to indulge for a day and then commit to daily salads and exercise for the rest of the week. Then there are those who may pick and choose where they want to indulge most, for example, avoiding rich foods at mealtime to feel better about having dessert. Having at least one salad entrée that features a signature protein allows customers to enjoy a bit of both worlds. Think of other ways your menu can cater to enjoyment with featured favorites that offer a health-conscious spin.

Indulgence with Restrictions

Indulgence is universal throughout the holiday season. However, it’s important to remember that while 50% of consumers don’t follow any nutrition rules, the other 50% do. This includes dietary needs and preferences including low carb/no carb, dairy free, gluten free, or vegan/vegetarian diets.2 Additionally, there are those who may have serious health concerns like cardiovascular disease or diabetes. In an article by Forbes Health, “Healthy Holidays Are Possible,” doctors recommend having a plan for what reasonable indulgence looks like. This includes having healthy nourishment before bigger events or meals where consumers plan on partaking in richer foods and desserts. Options like veggies and hummus or side salads allow customers a healthy start to the meal.3 Consider catering to the desire for holiday indulgence as well as smart choices for those who have specific requirements to stick to.

Raising a Glass to the Holidays

In preparing your menu for the holidays, a balance of health-conscious and festive enjoyment is key. On the beverage menu, Zero Sugar versions of favorites like Mtn Dew®, Pepsi® and STARRY® allow consumers a guilt-free way to enjoy a special beverage with their meal. Craft-brewed sodas like Bundaberg®, offer another feel-good option with a variety of flavors made with premium ingredients like real fruit juices, herbs and spices. Bundaberg options offer a brilliant burst of flavor on your cocktail menu, and for those who don’t want to partake in an alcoholic beverage, Bundaberg flavors are perfect for serving on their own or in a variety of mocktails.

Overall, the holiday mindset of most is enjoyment amidst the desire for balance. Some consumers will eat the cookies and pies and raise a glass in good cheer but will make up for the over-indulgence with compromise. Others will seek out responsible ways to enjoy the season and celebrate good health. The key is featuring options that let customers choose their own path.


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