Celebrating Authentic Hispanic Flavors

Published :  October 9, 2023

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Aguas Frescas

S eptember 15 – October 15 was Hispanic Heritage Month, which provided a great opportunity for operators to expand products connect with a crucial consumer population while increasing sales. Viva Sol Aguas Frescas™ are made using real and authentic flavors such as house-steeped Jamaica leaves and creamy vanilla essence, keeping quality of flavor as the foundation for Viva Sol beverage line.

Opportunity at-a-Glance

The growth outlook for Hispanic food and beverage items in the foodservice space has great potential.

Almost 20% of the US population is Hispanic and is projected to be approximately 29% by 2060. A strong way to appeal to the growing Hispanic community is to offer familiar items that remind them of back home resulting in connection and loyalty

Aguas Frescas Interest Has Increased By 42% in the Last Year

There was a 42% increase in consumer interest in Aguas Frescas in the last year* and Aguas Frescas over index with Hispanic, Gen Z, and Millennial consumers**.

Nostalgia with a Modern Twist

Bold , sweet, and full of flavor are a few ways to describe traditional Hispanic beverages. Pepsi’s Viva Sol Aguas Frescas delivers on flavor and quality and is the perfect addition to your beverage lineup with tons of flavor options such as Horchata, Jamaica, Melon, and Piña. All consumers are seeking authenticity and connection where they shop, so the quality of products is a key factor in deciding where they spend their money. The Hispanic consumer is no different—Hispanic/Latino consumers say that nostalgia and familiarity factor into their purchasing decisions both in the brands they buy and the retailers where they shop***. Incorporating Hispanic dispensed beverages such as Aguas Frescas is a great way to drive profits while connecting with consumers.

Pepsi has a dedicated sales team for their Viva Sol Aguas Frescas products to help service the increased demand. Following current trends as well as their flavor expertise, the full line of Viva Sol Aguas Frescas dispensed beverages offers a premium and authentic Hispanic drink experience for everyone to enjoy. By incorporating familiar flavors like Jamaica and Horchata (where there is 16% YoY increase in consumer interest), * restaurant operators can capitalize on Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond. To learn more about Viva Sol Aguas Frescas drink choices, visit pepsicopartners.com.


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