Bridging Millennials and Boomers

Published :  June 22, 2023

Millennials + Boomers: Satisfying Through Similarities

M illennials and Boomers represent the two largest adult generational groups today. While there are plenty of differences in attitudes, beliefs, and buying patterns, there are also similarities. Before we look at a couple of ways you can serve both generations, we’ll highlight why these groups are so influential.

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Millennial Snapshot

At 72.24 million, Millennials recently surpassed the Boomer generation in terms of size.1 More than 80% of new moms are millennials who are shaping and defining trends for future generations.2 Born between 1979 and 1996, parents of Millennials span both the Baby Boomer and Gen X groups.

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Boomer Snapshot

While the population of Boomers is second to Millennials, Boomers represent 53 trillion in spending power (yes, trillion).3 Keep in mind Boomers are parents and grandparents to Millennials, so there are plenty of occasions where both groups are dining out together.

Health & Wellness Matters

Greater health awareness is a trend that’s being seen across the board. In fact, the percentage of people who identify as health-conscious has nearly doubled in the past five years—this number being led by Millennials.4 Both Millennials and Boomers strive to select items that support health goals. What’s different is the motivation behind these health-centric picks.

Millennials: For 53% of this generation, wellness is a daily consideration. This is reflected in the most common lifestyle choices of this group who smoke less, eat healthier and exercise more than previous generations. They are mindful of work-life balance and prioritize the things that contribute to overall wellbeing.5

Boomers: Current health considerations drive some of the choices Boomers make when it comes to food and beverages—49% of this generation wish they could go back and make choices that could’ve prevented current health issues.3 Today, 50% of those aged 55 and older say preventing disease and illness motivates them to eat healthier.

Takeaway: While Boomers gravitate toward items that eliminate things they’d like to avoid (sugar, calories, sodium, etc.), Millennials take it a step further, gravitating toward items that provide functional benefits as well. Beverages like Diet Lipton® Green Teas offer refreshment that check boxes for both groups.

Snack Time Is Fluid

Consumers across generations are snacking more—about 73% of Americans are looking for sustenance between traditional mealtimes.6 The definition of a snack extends to beverages, including coffee. Two-thirds of Americans drink coffee every day and 43% say they chose a specialty coffee drink in the past day.7

Millennials: The Millennial group tends to choose espresso-based beverages like cappuccinos and lattes, with 68% of this age group opting for flavored coffees like vanilla, mocha or hazelnut.8

Boomers: This older set of coffee consumers prefer unflavored, more traditional options,7 but is also still looking for on-the-go convenience. This suggests an openness to purchasing ready-to-drink coffee beverages.

Takeaway: Ready-to-grab Starbucks® drinks offer convenience without the wait in a variety of choices that appeal to both groups. Starbucks® Cold Brew or Frappuccino Coffee speak to Boomers while more adventurous combinations like Starbucks® Doubleshot Energy Coffee White Chocolate offer Millennials the specialty flavor they’re looking for. Beyond coffee, Millennials seek out snacks with healthy elements for themselves and their kids while Boomers are looking for smaller meal options. Grab-and-go drinks like Naked Juice® Smoothies and Protein Smoothies satisfy with practical nutrition that also tastes like a fruity, refreshing treat.

Even with different motivations, generations naturally share some of the same preferences. Beverages that satisfy multiple groups can help simplify your menu. Not sure what beverages are right for you? Just contact us.


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