Better-for-You Beverage Trends

Published :  April 18, 2022

Craveable, flavorful and better for you.


That’s what consumers are looking for when it comes to the beverages they choose. They want to feel good about what they’re drinking but don’t want to compromise flavor. Cue the continued sparkling water craze!

To identify a beverage that fits the bill, they’ll look for key product callouts like all natural, organic, and low sugar.1 Additionally, beverages labeled as vegan or boasting extra benefits like an energy or immunity boost will help draw customers in.

Vegan Sips

Delicious, dairy-free options continue to appeal to customers in everything from hot and iced coffees to fruity iced beverages and smoothies like Naked Juice® Chocolate Protein—an almond milk-based smoothie with 30g of plant protein. The best thing about these sips? They can attract vegans, anyone with allergy concerns and health-conscious consumers alike.

Beverages With Benefits

65% of U.S. consumers said they regularly or occasionally eat or drink functional foods and beverages—those with ingredients added to provide specific health benefits—to improve their wellbeing.2 From boosting immunity to providing a spark of energy, customers are looking for more than just great flavor.

Key ingredients like spirulina, celery, turmeric, ginger and apple cider vinegar along with vitamin callouts are signaling to customers that beverages, like KeVita® Sparkling Probiotic Lemon Ginger and Naked Juice® Boosted, go beyond basic and offer an additional benefit like an immunity boost. According to Technomic, 58% of consumers would be more likely to purchase drinks that support the immune system.1 Bring them in with options that deliver everything they want like Starbucks® BAYA Energy, a sparkling beverage powered by caffeine from the whole coffee fruit with antioxidant vitamin C for immune support.


Additionally, 46% of consumers would be more likely to purchase drinks that boost energy or stamina.1 That’s why coffees with extra levels of caffeine, like Starbucks® Doubleshot and Tripleshot Energy in addition to a range of beverages featuring an energy component are crucial to include on your menu. Bonus points if the energy boost also comes with a healthy halo like MTN DEW® Energy—juice-based drinks with 180mg caffeine, citicoline, zinc and antioxidants.

Ready to create a health-conscious beverage menu? Dive in to learn more.


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