Lemon Goodness in Every Sip.

Sparkling water, 6 percent lemon juice, and a touch of sweetness come together for fresh, fizzy goodness. Globally, retail sales of lemonade have grown $300M in the past 3 years1 with Millennials purchasing more lemonade than any other generation.2 Lemon Lemon is the perfect solution to meet this growing demand.

1IRI data: Total lemonade CSD, Spkw/Seltzer, Sports, Tea, Juice, AP 100percent JC, Energy, Engnutr, Concentrate Liq, Concentrate Pwd, NA Mixers
2IRI Panel Data: CSD Lemonade, Spkw/Sltz Lemonade, Shelf Stable J&D Lemonade (2) US Census Bureau; Barkley: American Millennials