Going Big with Athletic Hydration

Published :  October 30, 2018

Every athlete needs to hydrate. Whether it’s for the soccer field, the volleyball court, the marching band, or any other sport, if they sweat, they need to replenish. And plain water often isn’t enough. When an athlete sweats, they lose electrolytes — which help carry electrical charges responsible for stimulating muscles and nerves. And when the body loses electrolytes, especially sodium and potassium, they need to be replaced to prevent dehydration and ensure the body can continue to function properly.


Everyone from students to weekend warriors seek out sports drinks

A recent study from Reuters Health found that more than half of U.S. high school students have sports drinks at least once per week and consumption continues to grow.1 This represents a huge opportunity to engage with this younger generation to build loyalty in the category long term. Additionally, Beverage Industry reported that the trend for athletes, weekend warriors, and everyday consumers to be well-hydrated with more low-sugar optoins is contributing to stable growth within the sports drink market.2

Gatorade continues to lead the pack

Gatorade has defined the sports drink category for several decades. Created specifically to help hydrate the University of Florida football team in 1965, the brand has never wavered from its mission of scientifically finding the best ways to fuel athletes. Today, through both beverages and snacks, Gatorade continues to push the category forward.
According to The Street, “Whether it’s a dose of nostalgia…or the actual taste and benefits of the electrolyte-filled product…it’s obvious that Gatorade still dominates the sports drink industry. Doing so is no small achievement as retail shelves have become cluttered with the likes of caffeinated energy drinks and protein shakes, which also allegedly enhance athletic performance."4 Through a combination of product and packaging innovation, Gatorade has been able to keep its market share and maintain a competitive advantage as the category has grown, making it a must-have when trying to trying to answer the demands of thirsty athletes.
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