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Bundaberg Craft Drinks

Published :  December 11, 2018

Craft is the pathway to premium.


There's a wave of desire for premium products across the nation and it's not just limited to soda. From craft burgers, pizzas, beers, and spirits, there's a consumer trend toward products that provide a premium feeling and they're happy to pay for it.

Driven by a desire for authenticity1, there's a cohort of consumers seeking out products that provide them with an elevated experience, both in and out of home. These consumers have a need to know the brand's provenance, have a desire for real ingredients, and want to hear about the product's unique and more craft-style development methods.

When it comes to craft soda, it's no different.

Research2 conducted by Bundaberg Brewed Drinks shows four core drivers in consumer purchase intent for craft soda: real ingredients, better tasting, better quality and the feeling they are treating themselves. But by 'treating' they don't mean waiting for a special occasion. It's about wanting to feel they are 'worth it', that if they're going to indulge (be it in a pizza, a burger or a drink), then they'd rather have one that makes them feel a bit special; adding to the occasion and to their experience.

So, it's little wonder that craft CSDs have the potential to follow in the footsteps of craft beer with the offer of products with a strong backstory, and providing a complete taste experience through premium ingredients, unique flavors and small-batch quality3

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And it doesn't stop there. There's also a push for naturally sweetened products with 61% of adults saying they'd be likely to purchase these beverages4. And, more than two in five drink, or are interested in drinking, craft sodas because of their unique flavors, with more than a quarter for the complex taste3. No matter if they're drinking these sodas on their own, or wanting them mixed in their cocktails, they want the flavor, taste and experience.

In a world where consumers are seeking this authenticity, brands like Bundaberg Brewed Drinks are the perfect offering. Brewed (just like a beer but without the alcohol) with real ingredients like ginger root and cane sugar to release an unsurpassed depth and quality of flavor. Packaged in an embossed, glass bottle with a unique rip-cap, and offering unique flavors like Blood Orange, Guava and Peach5, it's little wonder the brand is fast moving up the craft soda ranks and is already out-selling the competition per ACV6.

The craft soda category demands a premium and the consumer is willing to pay; they seek out and want this experience and recognize a good product when they see (and taste) it.


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5Flavors available in CA and MTN regions only
6Bundaberg drives 1.6x dollar sales of Reeds @ ACV 26% - Bundaberg would be #1 with same ACV. IRI SPINS L12W 08/12/18