Published :  November 23, 2020

A s restaurants continue to open their dining rooms nationwide, operators are seeking additional ways to follow popular foodservice trends to boost sales. Recently, there was a growing interest in non-alcoholic or low alcoholic beverages among Gen Z and Millennial consumers. Because of sober or sober curious consumers, high-end mocktails are becoming more popular. These consumers, along with those who are interested in holistic healthy choices, are also using alcohol as a vehicle for better-for-you ingredients and flavors. Beverages like Naked Juice are packaged in colorful, unique packaging for convenience and to evoke a sense of adventure. On top of that, these beverages are made with different ingredients and infused with vitamins, minerals and proteins to make them a more functional and flavorful beverage.

The health-conscious choices are two-fold. More and more consumers are seeking out low sugar beverages for both themselves and for their kids with 80% of consumers considering low sugar or sugar substitutes as healthier.1 Of course, not all consumers are concerned about healthy consumables. Since the pandemic first began, some consumers have started using food and drink for comfort and nostalgia for a simpler time. Sour Patch Kids Berry taps into that nostalgia by taking their blue berry flavor and making it into a classic Crush soda.

A lot of restaurants had to pivot their business in the last few months and operators have taken the chance to expand their beverages options to consumers. Times are changing and the beverage landscape is changing with it. Whether it’s for health, comfort or nostalgia, consumers are finding the drink they need to go on with their day.

1. Technomic, Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report, 2020