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Say Hello Goodness™ to Better-For-You Food and Beverage Options

Published :  July 22, 2017

Hello Goodness coolers and vending machines are changing the grab-and-go landscape.


Gone are the days when that afternoon trip to the vending machine was considered a guilty pleasure. Since consumers are not eating the standard three full meals a day, they are looking for quick grab-and-go food and drink options between packed schedules. And they aren’t replacing all of those meals with high-calorie products. Instead they’re choosing quick pick-me-ups that provide fuel and hydration for satisfying, sustained energy. In fact, when presented with the idea of a "differentiated vending machine with healthier products," 98 percent of consumers said they would purchase, and seven out of 10 were willing to pay more for healthier options.1

Nearly two-thirds of Americans rarely or never use vending because the portfolio of products, equipment, and the experience has not kept pace with their needs or expectations. Enter PepsiCo’s Hello Goodness — innovative, sleekly designed vending machines. As the #1 better-for-you vending platform, they provide simple, affordable, and great tasting options for consumers seeking a healthier lifestyle. And since we are becoming a society less reliant on cash, each machine offers the option of cash or credit card payment.


Take Advantage of the Growth in Snacking by Creating Quick Snack or Meal Options

Over half of consumers (53 percent) are snacking two to three times a day, with 17 percent snacking four or five times day.1 That insight, coupled with the fact that 93 percent of consumers want to eat healthy at least some of the time—with 63 percent trying to eat healthy most or all of the time2—means healthy snacking is a concern for consumers and an opportunity for foodservice establishments. Hello Goodness vending machines intersect with these changing goals and can help with those decisions during every stage of the day.
  • Instead of grabbing a donut or croissant for breakfast or skipping a meal, consumers can enjoy a Quaker® Breakfast Flat which contains fruit and nuts, and clocks in at under 200 calories.
  • A bag of Smartfood®  Delight Popcorn is perfect to hold someone over until lunch or can accompany a sandwich or soup.
  • Grabbing a filling Sabra® Hummus Grab & Go with pretzels is a better choice than cookies during the 3 pm work slump.

Provide Healthy Hydration

Hydration is also a key component to wellness and crucial to maintain a healthy, functioning body. Drinks such as juice, water, sports drinks and milks can help quench thirst and provide nutrients necessary for the body. Hello Goodness vending machines feature a variety of drinks that provide the body with necessary fluids while tasting great.
  • A bottle of Naked Juice® can be a vitamin and fiber-filled way to start the day.
  • Pure Leaf® iced teas offer a low-calorie, slightly caffeinated, natural pick-me-up.
  • A bottle of Tropicana® juice can provide a healthy dose of vitamin C when fresh fruit isn’t easily accessible.
  • Gatorade® G2 after an intense workout is perfect for restoring electrolytes and hydration with less carbs and fewer calories.
Hello Goodness vending machines feature a variety of drinks that provide the body with necessary fluids while tasting great.

Take Advantage of the Better-For-You Snack and Beverage Boom

The health-aware snack market is diverse, and most of all, lucrative. Sales in snacks such as baked chips, oatmeal bars, and trail mix are steadily growing and show no sign of slowing down—which makes Hello Goodness a great fit for savvy business owners who want to provide nutritious snack opportunities to their customers.
Two factors are key to Hello Goodness’ success:
  1. Snacking has become more popular among American consumers as almost everyone eats at least one snack per day.

  2. Consumers are becoming more health-conscious with their food and drink choices.
Hello Goodness is revitalizing the vending experience, delivering 2X the volume based on industry standards for better-for-you vending equipment, and driving incremental growth by bringing new users into vending banks and changing behavior with increased combo purchases (food + beverage in one transaction).
Hello Goodness gives them the options that leave them satisfied, presented in a clean, modern design that reflects how they live their lives today.
For more on the Hello Goodness initiative and vending machines, check out this article and feel free to contact us to find out how Hello Goodness can help you drive sales, meet the changing needs of consumers and provide an exciting, contemporary vending experience that is poised for exponential growth. Learn more about our equipment services and innovation offerings.
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