2019 Tech Trends

Published :  April 15, 2019

When it comes to technology the only constant is change. To help, we’ve identified 3 technology trends that are likely to impact foodservice in 2019.


1. Online Ordering and Reservations

It’s no secret that patrons are constantly glued to their phones. And with a greater desire for a seamless online experience, off-premise dining, online ordering, and online reservations are crucial services that are increasingly expected by the ever-connected consumer.

83% of diners say online reservations are “very important” or “somewhat important” to their dining experience1.

Foodservice must evolve with this growing trend. To attract the Millennial and Gen Z audience, tech-enabled ordering and reservations are becoming a must. Mobile support not only makes life easier on your patrons, but it will undoubtedly keep you relevant in today’s changing foodservice landscape.


2. Online Reviews

Not wanting to miss out on the latest and greatest, consumers are seeking out guidance online. Your online presence can and will be the difference maker in gaining prospective patrons. Info-seeking is so prevalent, that operators need to start engaging whenever possible1—whether through search engines, Yelp or other restaurant review sites. Responding to negative reviews, calling out can’t miss items online, and paid placements on Yelp lists are all possible opportunities for you to develop unique and valuable relationships with patrons.

3. Automation

By disrupting traditional restaurant service models and labor costs, automation is an emerging innovation that is poised to break big in 2019. Adding greater levels of convenience, automation provides a more fluid customer experience while increasing efficiency across the board.

95% of operators agree that technology improves restaurant efficiency2.

Some restaurants have started relying on fully-automated kiosks, and even chatbots with online reservations, to replace traditionally staffed functions while still maintaining positive customer experiences; others are using automation as a tool to provide enhanced customer experiences, such as a robotic pizza maker in France to an artificial intelligence sidewalk barista in San Francisco3.

Staying on top of these 3 trends will help you engage and retain customers while also setting you up for success with whatever the future brings.

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